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Using Provocation As Branding Strategy

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A branding enthusiast, serial entrepreneur, and resilient businesswoman,

How to Ask Questions that Promote Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

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Being creative and solving problems are important skills for any team, no matter the area or project. Getting those creative solutions can be difficult, though; it's not easy to help your team develop a skill that is not quantifiable or formulaic.

How To Localize Your SaaS Successfully

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This blog post originally appeared in my

The (Personal) Yearly Review: Why You Need One and How to Do It

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If the only yearly review you've experienced is the kind where you sit down with your boss (or your employee) and go over a careful list of praise and critiques, you're missing out. The personal yearly review is one you conduct yourself, for yourself.

5 Strategies to Keep Moving Forward During Holiday Distractions

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The holiday season can bring a lot of cheer, but it can also bring plenty of distractions that lure your team away fr om their normal productivity. You don't want to be a Scrooge, but you also can't put projects on hold just because everyone is feeling festive.

What Your Team Really Wants for the Holidays

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What Your Team Really Wants for the Holidays

Five Questions You Should Ask If You Want More Sales

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Being ready with a few prepared questions can make the sales process easier for you and more comfortable for your customers. Review these questions and have them ready so you can move those conversations forward to closing ground. 

Leadership 101

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Leadership is more about mental habits than physical ones. Leaders think differently, and it's that way of thinking that enables them to inspire others, take actions, and achieve great things.